Rex 1.0 Released

July 12, 2012 - Rex 1.0 is now in production release. A key component of the Revelytix Distributed Information Management System (DIMS), Rex executes rules written using the W3C's Rules Interchange Format (RIF) standard.  RIF is a powerful addition to the semantic technology stack as it enables rules to be...

Spinner 1.0 Released

July 12, 2012 - Spinner 1.0 is now in production release. A key component of the Revelytix Distributed Information Management System (DIMS), Spinner is a SPARQL query processor engine.  Using a vocabulary described by any OWL-compliant...

Use Cases for Semantic Technology

July, 2012 - SearchCIO TechTarget recently published a two part conversation with David Saul, Chief Scientist at State Street Corp.  In this interview David hits on all the key enterprise objectives:

1 - Automating...

Big Data without Big Changes

At Semtech West, June 2012, Michael Lang presented, "Big Data without Big Changes".   The objectives of this talk were to review the existing RDBMS, ETL, and data warehouse data management paradigms, compare those paradigms to data virtualization and Big Data, and propose “Bigger Data” in support of radically better analytic capability. Using Revelytix technology tools, this presentation advocates performing data transformations using a set of distributed MapReduce jobs in a Hadoop data store. Also, see this two page summary of Big Data without Big Changes.

Kids can do IT

April 30, 2012 - We just finished the first release of BioBIG, an impressive demonstration of our capability to correlate and analyze highly distributed collections of data.  For BioBig our team worked with pharmacological research data of widely varying formats: relational, spreadsheets, files, RDF, etc. It was actually surprising the project was so successful (and we built the software that makes it possible!). While others, with varying degrees of success, have attempted this type of data federation, the paradigm shifting aspect of this project was the expertise and skill level required to build the solution and the time in which it was created.  See the Michael Lang's blog post.

Enterprise Data World

April 30, 2012 - See us at Enterprise Data World in Atlanta, GA.  In concert with one of our partners, we will be demonstrating how enterprises can leverage existing relational data stores using a semantic framework.   

Leveraging Big Data

April 27, 2012 - Revelytix now provides the ability to integrate Hadoop noSQL data stores.  By providing an abstraction layer of precise descriptions on top of existing data sources, the Revelytix semantic architecture can seamlessly integrate disparate data stores. It does not matter if your data resides on local servers or in the Cloud, Revelytix can connect, describe, and federate any of your data sources.

In this overview, we describe how corporations can leverage the benefits of Big Data quickly, with low risk, and without having to abandon existing investments in their current IT infrastructure.

Bio-IT World Conference

April 24-26, 2012, Boston - In concert with one of our partners, Spry, Inc., we will be demonstrating BioBIG, an open, distributed database management system enabling big data analytics for Bio and Pharma.  BioBIG federates a number of public Pharma data sets, providing the ability to query these disparate data sources as a single data store.   

BioBIG incorporates data provenance for the federated data sets.  Our approach enhances these public data sources with a rich set of semantic metadata, provides a means to better understand the data sets, how to use them effectively, and enables users to incorporate their internal data sets with these public databases.

Revelytix Releases Knoodl 3.0 has been updated, providing a complete RDF-based integration and analytical platform.

April 10, 2012 - Sparks, MD - Revelytix announces the release of knoodl 3.0. This release includes many improvements in the security framework required to meet the stringent security requirement of the U.S. Department of Defense. Additional functionality includes a Google gadget container based on Shindig and the Open Social API. 

A design interface has been incorporated making it easy for knoodl users to create dashboards for visualizing the results of SPARQL queries.  All knoodl gadgets comply with the Google container specification. While several data visualization gadgets are included with this release, developers can easily build their own gadgets, use 3rd party Google gadgets, and have all gadgets managed within knoodl’s container.

This 3.0 release...

EDM Council Conference

March 13, 2012 - The EDMC and the Object Management Group (OMG) are hosting a one-day conference titled: Demystifying Financial Data: Business Value and Role of Semantics,  March 13 at the Sentry Center in New York City.

The conference will focus the objectives of data comparability using business ontologies and semantic processing. The orientation is on the practical implementation of semantics and how they can be used by industry and regulators to meet descriptive, integration and analytical objectives. 

Distinguished panel members will discuss the importance of semantics to meet analytical, knowledge representation and processing objectives; the business case and value proposition for semantic implementation; the application of semantics within financial institutions, regulatory environments and...